Following our investigations, there seem to be very few companies in France prepared for a crisis and how to handle the media if and when one occurs. We only need to look at the most recent example with Orpea a company offering medicalised housing for senior citizens. An unhappy family member wrote a book with distressing details of how badly the patients had been looked after and how Orpea swindled the state in numerous ways.  There have been some resignations but virtually no defense by those in charge on either radio or TV. Meanwhile many unhappy families have poured forth their tales of misery and there will be a class action.

That is the point of crisis communication. You can be sure that others will speak. So you must know how to defend what can be as in this case, the indefensible.

Of course, we hope no companies or organisations actually do have a crisis to handle, but honestly, every outfit needs to be prepared in case. That’s where IMT steps in and shows you how to be prepared.

Among IMT’s clients who understand the need to know are : a major US  fruit and vegetable producer and exporter, a  Finnish paper manufacturer with 5 large factories in France, several French ministries, ambassadors, a chain of horse racing circuits, a refrigerated trucking company…

We are here to help.  God willing what you will learn will remain in the bosses filing cabinet, but if the sky falls upon your heads at least you will be prepared.

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