Need to be trained from afar ?

IMT can of course offer you e-learning. You can now realize your media training, crisis communication, and public speaking lessons via video-conferencing such as zoom. Thanks to our coaches from all around the world and all being bilingual, these sessions will be proposed to you in the language of your choice. You will be able to take part either as a group or on a one-to-one basis.

Time saving, money saving and immediacy with our personalized support are just some of the obvious benefits to companies.
Need a reminder before your interview/public speaking ?

IMT offers you personalized and continuous support. You need a quick refresher before an important presentation or speech? No panic, we are her to help all along the way.

We offer you video-conferencing via zoom or any platforms in order for you to be on top form on your D Day thanks to a quick rehearsal session before taking the stage.

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