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10 questions to consider before giving an interview



1. Do you realize how important “preparation” is prior to giving an interview and why ?
2. Do you know what KISS means ?
3. Do you know what to drink before speaking in public ?
4. Do you understand the difference between an interview with written press & TV ?
5. Do you know how to overcome fear before making a presentation ?
6. Do you understand the difference between a recorded radio & TV interview & a live one ?
7. Do you know how to handle ambush questions ?
8. Do you know how to hold an effective press conference ?
9. Do you understand what makes “News” ?
10. Do you understand how to be prepared for a crisis situation ?

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IMT in Paris and around the World

IMT was created by Barbara GRAY a TV journalist in 2002. International Media Training is a network of Trainers and specialised companies capable of answering multicultural communication issues around the world.

TV, Radio, written or electronic press are powerful tools to deliver your message, just as long as you are prepared and are aware of the expectations and limitations of both French and foreign journalists.

Our team will explain the different way each type of media operates.  Together we will develop your message, show you how to anticipate certain questions so that you become at ease. You will be taught about body language for television interviews, questions not to answer, when to accept to do an interview, the differences between live and pre-recorded interviews for radio and television.

In public speaking, every situation demands particular expertise. Whether presenting a new product, speaking in front of a shareholders meeting, talking internally to a sales force or holding a press conference in a foreign language, you are required to adapt fast and efficiently to a specific demand.

IMT ensures that your message is adapted to your environment. You learn to avoid misunderstanding or distortion. You work with a journalist or an expert to ensure that your speech is proficient and clear. You learn to overcome stage fright, to use impacted body language and acquire confidence and presence. We also prepare for Q&A sessions.

We give you the tools to face a crisis and how to handle the media at this most difficult time.
We will simulate a crisis tailor-made to your industry and show you how to be prepared.

Our personalised tuition has been devised for senior management personnel wishing to communicate to an international audience in France and beyond.

IMT trainings put you in real situations.  They can take place either in your offices, or in a fully equipped TV studio.
We can accept tuitions on a one on one basis, or with groups of participants depending on your requirements

Your progress will be video’d, analysed and corrected and you will subsequently receive a copy of your interview or presentation.

We offer coaching in media training, public speaking and crisis communication.

Thanks to our network of trainers who are bilingual French English, German Spanish, Italian and Arab speaking journalists and specialists, we are able to adapt our sessions to specific requirements.

Every client has different needs and we customize our offer depending on the number and the status of our clients. These can be one on one sessions or for groups. Ideally group sizes are maximum six participants. However if the groups are larger, we break up the classes and provide the required number of trainers in separate workshops.

We propose modules of minimum half a day 3-4 hours, or full day sessions up to 8 hours.
Training can be organized in your offices, in suitable rented meeting rooms or in a TV studio close by, anywhere in France or abroad…


Coaches & Trainers

IMT coaches in Paris are French, English, German, Spanish, Italian and from the Arab world. Journalists speaking other languages are also available depending upon the specific demands of the clients. Our specialists offer media training, crisis communication theories and perfecting public speaking skills.

Training sessions are either one-on one or in groups. They are filmed and analyzed. You will immediately improve your skills and reinforce your self-confidence. Thanks to our coaching sessions you provide first class deliveries in any of these specific communication fields.

Barbara Gray

Barbara Gray

TV Journalist and Media Coach

Barbara is a bicultural TV journalist and trilingual (English, French and German) living and working in Paris for over 30 years initially for ABC News ( US, then ITV News ( GB and subsequently as a freelance news producer for BBC TV ( and Radio, Channel 4 News, CNN, NBC (, Reuters… After having realised hundreds of television interviews in both English and French, Barbara naturally transformed herself into a media trainer, carrying out teaching in how to handle the media, public speaking and crisis management for top executives in both English and French in France and abroad. Although she has been a media trainer for several years she remains a freelance TV journalist essentially for British and US broadcasters.





TV Journalist

Emma Robson has over 25 years of experience in media and communications. She worked as a journalist at Reuters, Bloomberg, BBC radio and television, for Dutch television and for the UN’s Development Programme UNDP. At UNDP, she reported from 26 countries on development aid. At Reuters Financial Television she focused on corporate Europe, conducting interviews with board members and top executives. In 1999 she won the AEX broadcast journalism prize for a TV series produced for Dutch TV. In 1999 Emma founded a pan-European agency Media Wise specializing in communications and crisis training and storytelling. Through her company, Emma and her associates have trained numerous executives and spokespersons to craft and pitch their stories. Emma’s clientele specialties include healthcare, food, finance, technology and sustainability. A native English speaker, Emma is also fluent in Dutch, French, and Italian. She holds an MA and BA in languages (French, Spanish and Italian) from Cambridge University, and is a qualified teacher of English as a foreign language.



Intercultural public speaking and media training

British-born Stephanie has spent most of her career in France. For twenty years, she ran Cappuccino, a PR and marketing agency which undertook media relations, event management and crisis communications for numerous French and international corporations and government bodies. Thanks to her understanding of the international business environment and the media, Stephanie trained her customers in public speaking, handling the press and how to manage crisis situations.

TEFL trained, she now devotes her time to preparing executives in France and beyond for presentations and media interviews.

Media interview & presentation customers include BNP Paribas, Bouygues Construction, Chanel, Dow Jones, Epsilon International (Alliance Data group), Fret SNCF, Crédit Agricole Immobilier, Danone, Grace Construction, Lundbeck Laboratories, Microsoft, Pearson Education, Société Générale, Ubisoft, The Wall Street Journal Europe …

Oleg Ilyin

Oleg Ilyin


Ilyin Oleg is an experienced communications and crisis management professional and media trainer.
Oleg started as an oil & gas journalist in 1998 and subsequently moved into the public relations industry, involved into political and business campaigns both in Russia and abroad.

In 2004-2007 Oleg served as VP, international business, at Edelman Russia and then spent 2 years as GM at BrainBox PR.

Since 2009 Oleg runs MediaFactor, executive communications training firm.
He holds degrees in political sciences and business psychology and is an author of award winning bestseller Media Sapiens: deliver your message effectively in press, on radio and TV, 2011.

His client list includes a number of CEOs and top management team members from Nissan Motor, Indesit Company, KIA, MasterCard Europe, Novartis, Amway, Danone Nutricia, Glaxo SmithKline, Mars, MSD Pharmaceuticals, Total, Sony Mobile…

Oleg speaks Russian, English, French and German and shares his time between Düsseldorf and Moscow.,

Phyllis Roome

Phyllis Roome

Bi-lingual Public Speaking expert

bilingual French English draws on her career as a radio producer and stage actress (as a member of the National Theatre and the BBC in London), to personalise each of her corporate coaching assignments. She teaches her clients  a sense of presence, clarity, timing, voice modulation, pacing and projection.

She works in the corporate world at all levels of management, both in the US and in Europe.

Clients include: J1J, Metalmark, Novartis, Sandoz,United Nations, Starwood Investment, Prudential, Research Centre for Cancer, NYU, 92Y




Richard specialises in helping senior business leaders create superior influence and build strong, high-performing teams that will learn to lead at a whole new level – even across cultural barriers especially in this digital age when everyone is overloaded!

British-born, Richard has lived in France for over 20 years, allowing him to navigate and reconcile Anglophone and Francophone management approaches.

Richard has a first-class Masters degree from Oxford University, was Partner in a global strategy consultancy and spent 11 years within the global tech giant Cisco, where he was recruited to an elite “CEO special projects” role. His clients range from multinationals (Air Liquide, Mastercard) to hypergrowth tech firms (Snips, Navya).

Learn more about Richard :

Carsten HEER

Carsten HEER

Carsten Heer is a highly experienced economic journalist and communications expert. He has worked as a correspondent for Bloomberg Television in London, EuroNews in Lyon and advised The Wall Street Journal on their public relations strategy in Europe. For the last ten years he also worked with global industry groups, international corporations as well as SMEs to support their communication. Five years ago Carsten founded the media agency econNEWSnetwork based in Hamburg. The company is specialized in fact based communication and supports their clients to get coverage in national and international key media.

A native German speaker, Carsten is also fluent in English. He holds a law degree from Constance University and a bar exam with permission to the supreme court in Germany. Against this background he acquired a strong expertise in crisis communication and teams up with specialized law firms, safeguarding the reputation of international corporations, brands and high profile business people.

Services provided

Media training, public speaking, crisis communication, discover our skills.

Media Training / Crisis Communication/ Public Speaking

In french and english, in association with :
Medialink, Euromessage, Shandwick, Publicis, IMFA, CFPJ, Garnet Keeler PR, Expression Conseil, JGM, Coaching & Com, Commundi, HMPR Public Relations, Institute of Public Branding, EuroBusiness Media, Open2Europe, LionsDen UK, Mediawise


Although most of our sessions take place in our clients offices, occasionally we have requests to use « neutral territory ».
One of our favorite locations is the Studio Ajer on the outskirts of Paris and close to La Defense. The location, an ex artist’s studio is bright and spacious lending itself as a perfect place to spend a day learning ones skills in a relaxed atmosphere. There is a garden too, for down time when weather permits. The Ajer studio lays on breakfast tea, coffee and luncheons as required.






Media Training

Anyone wishing to speak to the media should be prepared before granting an interview for print, radio, television or electronic media. It is called training, training or coaching and whatever its name it is indispensable in order to control its communication at best. The media are powerful tools to relay your message, provided you understand the expectations and constraints of French journalists And foreign.

Speaking in Public

Learning how to speak in public is essential for anyone who wishes to speak to an audience, how to start a speech, speak to their staff internally and / or externally, or hold a conference Press.

Our trainers - all at least bilingual experts teach you how to prepare a speech, how to manage the audience, get your message out, overcome stage fright and above all learn to speak with ease and confidence.

Crisis communication

Any serious business needs to be prepared to deal with a crisis and know BEFORE how to handle a crisis. Our specialists offer training with a crisis communication plan and an adapted strategy. A Crisis Staff is essential as well as the realization of press releases. During the training you will be presented with examples and a crisis simulation specific to your sector.


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Novartis, Sony Entertainment, EDF, British Food & Drink association, British Embassy, French Foreign Ministry (Ambassadors, Consuls Diplomatic Institutions), Ministry of Health, Prime Ministers’ Office, BNP Parisbas SNCF Fret, Grace, GE Money, Bougyes Construction, Blizzard Video Games, African Development Bank, Tunis, ONCF –Moroccan railways, Casablanca, Pfizer Animal health, Dole Fruits, UPM Finland, Draka Fibre optics, NYEuronext, Basilea, Orange France, Secours Catholique France, Babolat, Remy Martin, Axa, EADS Sogerma, Groupama Nike, FFF, Eurobitume, Eutelsat, Coface, Comexposium, ONEM,CRDT Auvergne Dassault Systèmes, Allianz, Haier, Thalés, TCL, CISAC, Ascott, Vifor Pharmaceuticals, Piloter sa Ferme, Fraikin, Alcatel, Royal Canin, FBCC-Franco-British chamber of commerce, France Galop, Laboratoires Servier Moscou, Emmaüs Connect, Banque Centrale Populaire Morocco, LREM colistiers, Millet Wagons, Smart ad Server...

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Barbara Gray
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